Friday, January 3, 2014

The Scoop on Grocery Delivery Services

Maybe you’ve seen a few grocery delivery trucks. Ever wonder how expensive this is and what is involved? Grocery delivery used to be a regular service rather than a luxury. My great grandparents ran a grocery and my grandmother was the delivery ‘boy’ when her brother joined the service.
Research required I Google delivery groceries and found eleven near my home. Some are independents ran by enterprising couples who shop for you and others are chains. I will focus on Peapod and Greenbean Delivery.
Delivery is beneficial for those without transportation, busy, mothers with several young children, elderly and housebound.
Here’s how it works. You go online develop an account. Pick out your groceries. Specify a delivering time and pay with a debit or credit card.
Peapod has sales, accepts manufacturer’s coupons and doubles them up to .99. They have all the major brands and carry their own store brand, which is cheaper. Currently, they have a clearance sale on all things holiday.
My first thought was it must be very expensive. It is a little higher. It runs a nickel or a dime higher per items, some more. You can use coupons, and, you can buy the Peapod brand, which is cheaper. They also have weekly sales just like a brick and mortar store.  There is a delivery fee of $6.95 on a $100 or more order.  Your first order is $15 off and no delivery fees for the first sixty days.
 If you want to be more in harmony with nature, consider Greenbean Delivery, which brings you local organic produce along with your other staples. This is only available currently in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Missouri.  This works a little bit more like food co-ops in that you can get a basket of organic produce. Here’s an example.
A small produce bin is for 2- people and costs $28.
Each Oranges, Navel
Each Pears, Red D'anjou
16 oz. LocalHusk Corn, Sweet
Each Peppers, Green
Bunch Broccoli -
Each Avocado
Each Apples, Braeburn-
15-17 oz. Zucchini, Green
Bunch Greens, Lacinato Kale
10 oz. Peas, Snow
They have other things including canned goods, dairy, meat, snacks, sweets and condiments. Greenbean delivery offers free delivery.  Items go on sale too. Since I wasn’t familiar with the brands, I took Kettle potato chips and compared them to buying them from the Kettle Chip store in bulk. Greenbean Delivery was cheaper at $2.45 per 5oz bag.
Have people in your family with food allergies, they offer gluten and lactose free products.
I haven’t used either service, but I did use one in North Carolina. It didn’t offer as many benefits, but went along with my vacation rental. It was nice rolling in at night and not having to shop. The only down part to that experience so many years ago was bruised apples. The delivery service was the only one on the peninsula.  Now, with so many people competing for your service, I imagine most will try to avoid the bruised fruit, especially Greenbean delivery, which has several glowing reviews.
Does this sound like a service you’d like? Check it out on your own.