Sunday, October 16, 2011


Ever want to visit a museum or take in a play, but the tickets were just too high. There are several ways to cut costs for the truly motivated.

When it comes to actually buying tickets, you can goes as a group for the group rate, or go on a matinee day, or take advantage of a senior citizen discount.

If the prices are still too high, there are several ways to get around that too. Many live theatres, operas, and ballets offer rush or standing room only tickets. After everyone has bought tickets and is seated you’re allowed to go in and sit in the empty seats. If the original ticket holder shows up at intermission you have to find another seat. I’ve actually sat in $120 season ticket holder seat for only $8. You might find two seats together since people usually buy them in pairs.

An even cheaper option is to volunteer at the Arts Center of your choice. Did you think they paid the ushers? It also gives you a chance to see new performers you might never have seen. I’ve volunteered for years and at the most, only miss the first five minutes of the show.

Don’t feel like volunteering, but don’t want to shell out cash either, try preview nights. These nights were designed for teachers planning field trips before the actual opening performance. Many teachers arrived with their whole families and a few neighbors too. Some theatres allow you to attend dress rehearsals free of charge.

Muesems often have one day a week or month that is free. You need to call to ask when it is because this will vary.

If none of these ideas appeal to you, then you can try winning tickets. I actually got very good at this by putting the local radio station on speed dial. I also kept the radio on while I was at work. Unfortunately, they always mentioned my name on the radio, so I had to back off calling—which means more chances for the rest of you.

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