Sunday, November 13, 2011

Black Friday Shopping

Are you ready for Black Friday? It's not for the weak of heart. If you plan carefully you can get most of your shopping done in a day at greatly discounted prices.

1. Know what your family and friends want. Have their sizes and color preferences keyed into your phone. No one wants a call at 5am to see if they still wear 36/30 jeans.

2. Search the ads, right now online, stores are displaying their specials. They are aware of the danger of relying on the paper because fewer and fewer people are taking the paper.

3. Talk to friends who are previous Black Friday shoppers. Some stores are guilty of doing teaser ads. There is a great computer for $400, but there is only ten of them. No matter what time you get there you will not be one of the ten. These are stores you don't even want to waste your time on. Hint: Wal-mart, Best Buy, video gaming stores since they don't purchase that much product

4.Know the stores that stock the item and offer rain checks. I always shop h.h. Gregg because they always have what they advertise and they make a point of opening up before the other stores. They all all their employees there and you're out in under thirty minutes every time.

5.Know the stores to avoid, you probably seen them all the news. These are the stores with out-of-control crowds and someone gets hurt, if not killed. I avoid both Walmart and Target. Any special they have I can get online cheaper and not pay state tax usually. I also don't waste time stuck in the Wal-mart parking lot when I could be shopping at other stores.

6. Save your coupons. Places like Bed,Bath, and Beyond; Bath and Body Works; DSW, allow you to use your coupons on Black Friday. Other stores will have Black Friday coupons just to get you in the store. Read the coupons because they can only be used on certain things.

7. Go for the specials only. Don't start piling on stuff that isn't on sale.

8. I head to my favorite store, Kohls, which is everyone else's favorite store and hide everything I want to buy, then shop at the other less liked stores to avoid standing in line for two hours. No one has found my stuff yet.

9. Have an inside source. I've had employees who I knew casually actually hold promo merchandise for me.They offered to do it because I taught their child and I agreed. That's how my son got all the Pokemon games one year.

10. Because this is serious work, you should wear athletic shoes and sweatshirts, even fanny packs. You will need your hands free. You can wear your Santa hat for a festive note.

11. Shopping carts are usually not your friend. You can slide through crowds without a shopping cart. I know sometimes you need them.

12. Do not bring your children. Teen-agers can handle it if they can wake up early.

13. Ironically, with the focus on the day after Thanksgiving, more stores are starting their sales on Thanksgiving. You can easily buzz into Kmart, Walgreens and Big Lots before the big dinner.

14. Watch the Internet deals too. Many stores have an online presence and you can get the same deal without leaving your home.

15. Many malls offer gift wrapping if you want to get it all done at once.

16. If you shop in a group, take turns parking the car, so different people get a head start in the building.

17. Bring snacks. A granola bars and water stashed in the car will keep you going. Even gum will help some.

18. Be polite. It cost nothing to be nice, but it might cost you the items you want by being rude.

19. If you don't get what you came for, remember there will be other sales, lots of them.

20. Shop outside the box. I get amazing buys at Menards, Tractor Supply, even Rural King. Sure I am usually buying for my adult sons, but you'd be amazed the items they bring in just for Christmas.

Happy Shopping

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