Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cheap Dates

Sure, you’ve heard about someone being a cheap date, but sometimes it’s okay especially when you’re in a relationship. Everyone knows dating improves the relationship but often breaks the bank too.  Her are ten inexpensive date ideas.

1.       Read your Thursday or Weekend edition of your paper. You’ll be surprised that there are free events including concerts in the park or even art shows.

2.       Street Festivals- you can listen to live music. Check out the booths, even dance for little more than a price of a soda or a bottle of water.

3.       The Park-you can walk in the park, or bring a picnic lunch with you. Federal Parks are usually free too if you have one near you.

4.       Educational or Promotional events-often businesses, museums and libraries will offer free events including the ability to make a craft, listen to a lecture or a musician or participate in a game tournament. Donations are accepted.

5.        Horse Racing- you don’t pay to watch the horses and you can bet for as little as $2. Many racetracks have deeply discounted buffets during the week.

6.       Restaurants-go for the lunch specials, take advantage of happy hour. Try an old-fashioned carhop style restaurant.

7.       Museums-many are free, or ask for a donation

8.       Ghost Walks-not as expensive as you think, and coupons are available online

9.       Matinee Movies—discounted usually before 6pm at most theatres

10.   Cooking/craft classes-it has to be something you both want to do though, and you’ll have something to take home for your efforts and the shared pleasure of working together.

(Class advertisements are on the radio, newspaper, and groupon.)

Bonus Date: The State Fair—you can go online to find out when the discount days are. Park near the fair and walk in to avoid paying for parking. You can bring in food and drink to the fair too. What’s not to like?

If you are senior citizen, in the Military, or a member of AAA, ask about a discount. Sometimes if they don’t even offer one, they’ll make some type of compensation.

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  1. Great info! Thanks for sharing. Love the horse-racing idea. I will definitely add that to my list. :)