Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Man's Holiday Shopping Guide for his Sweetie

Men can’t win when it comes to Christmas shopping. Let me explain why from the retail side. The man you adore, and shopped endlessly for to find the perfect gift, can’t shop worth a darn. He tries. Even now, he knows the holiday season is fast approaching, and he should do something. Some men break up. Yep, that’s right.

The man is cheap you might complain. Truth is he’s more terrified. The mall is filled with angry women after the holidays exchanging presents. Ample ladies are returning teddies in small sizes. Other women are returning vacuums and power tools. Shoes that don’t fit along with the ugliest jewelry known to mankind find its way back to the store. The females toting these labors of love back to the store are usually upset because the gift wasn’t what she wanted.

There are also secret messages attached to the gifts. Ones the men didn’t even know about. Any household cleaning device such as a vacuum tells her she is a lousy housekeeper.  Kitchenware infers she needs help in the kitchen UNLESS she asked for it. Clothes whisper a multitude of stories from being too heavy, too thin, too frumpy, too boring, the list is endless.

Even when you think you are getting her what she wanted, there is the issue the gift will be perceived wrong. My own mother wanted an exercise bike, a pricey model too. When my stepfather managed to wrestle the sucker home for Christmas eve, she wanted to know if he thought she was fat.

Some men make the mistake of getting nothing because they figure their wife would take it back anyhow. Even worse than that is shopping at the drugstore on Christmas Eve. She’ll figure out the scented soap and inflatable foot bath were last ditch efforts. Consider online shopping, some even deliver on Christmas Day. I wouldn’t bet on this though.

A man can be a hero on Christmas day by trying one of these things. Limited budget-ask your wife for three gift ideas.  Let her know your plan to get one of the items for Christmas. If you can afford two, then go for it, but don’t tell her since that will be part of the surprise.

Second method is gift cards, money, or spa services. Then take your sweetie shopping. You can’t complain, and she can take as long as she wants. Have dinner out, and make a day of it.

Third way to surprise your significant other is to whisk her away for a vacation. Make sure it is somewhere she wants to go. There will be no joy in your holidays if you take her where you want to go. Sometimes concert tickets can serve this same purpose delivered in a romantic card.

You want to impress your darling, then, make her a stocking. Yep, a stocking filled with her favorite things from books, candy, toiletries, music, even candles. Anything you know she likes can go in it. The more unique the better because it shows your effort and love.

One book on being romantic talked about hiding your sweetie’s presents and making her look for them. I give the idea two thumbs down. The holidays are stressful enough without throwing in a cryptic message treasure hunt.

All a woman really wants to know is that you care. You have an infinite number of ways to show her this. In conclusion, be very careful if you try to buy her clothes or shoes it can be minefield of wrong messages.

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