Monday, May 27, 2013

Woolzies: The Trial

I was asked to used Woolzies dryer balls and blog about it. First, Woolzies is a wool ball composed of New Zealand wool. It is safe for people with allergies and wool sensitivities. The point of the balls is to replace fabric sheets or fabric softeners. The six balls I received for the trial last for 1000 loads. A quick math calculation revealed it would take me close to a year to do that much laundry.
Let’s do the math on pricing. A box of six balls runs from $23-$32 on Amazon. runs sales on Woolzies too.  In a year, I go through about 11 boxes of fabric sheets. Depending on where I buy them, the price varies. I found Meijers is the highest on their sheets.
Fabric Sheets
 Meijers/name brand $77
Krogers/their brand   $29.70

Soften naturally
Reduces drying time 25%
Reduces static
Eliminates wrinkles
Does a great job softening towels, diapers and jeans
No smell (pleasant or otherwise)
A little pricey

There is the sound of the balls bouncing in the dryer, but I close the laundry room door and just ignore it. I plan to continue using Woolzies since our Homeowners Association doesn’t allow us to have clotheslines.  Pair your Woolzies with a high efficiency washer and save big on your laundry bill.
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