Sunday, August 18, 2013

Staples Shoutout

The Staples Shout Out

I read recently that school sales aren’t as good as they were last year. Maybe. Staples still rocks. On a recent visit, I wanted to take advantage of the penny priced theme books. I picked up six, but I had to spend an additional $5 to merit this amazing price. No problem, I bought printer paper on sale for 6.99. Before you think that’s not a great price, it comes with a 5.99 refund making it a dollar. I also took advantage of roller pens that were free after rebate. I bought six tissue packages for a penny each.

Here’s what I bought:
6 theme books .01 each cent  normally they run about $1.29 when you replaced them in December.
6 tissue packs  .01 each these could have been purchased in the dollar store for $2 for 6
2 reams of paper  6.99 each
Pack of Pilot Roller Pens 4.99
My total was $20.43
After rebates it is $3.46

In the end, I purchased over $30 of supplies for just $3 and some change. Not sure, how I could have done better.

I am probably not the customer Staples hopes to draw in with their sales and rebate, but I am the one who gives them a Shout Out. They also have superior customer service too.

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