Friday, October 4, 2013

DIY Halloween Costumes

I came from a family that recycled Halloween costumes and made them out of things they could find around the house. If you have more than one child, Halloween costumes can get expensive.
Fairy Princess- Goodwill is my go to place for discarded prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses and even wedding dresses. Yard sales work too. Want extra glitter. Buy a can of spray glitter. Wands can be made or bought at the Dollar Tree.
Angel-buy a pair of wings at the Dollar Tree. White dress or even an oversized white t-shirt will work. Spray with glitter.
Animals- you can usually get away with this by dressing the child in clothes in the color of the animal. Get an animal headband ears at the Dollar Tree. It is better to create the face with makeup as opposed to a mask. The makeup is available almost anywhere.
Zombie-rip up some clothes already destined for the trash.  Create a decaying face look by darkening the areas around the mouth and eyes. This makeup can be bought almost anywhere. Warning: some children are allergic to it.
Vampire-all you need to buy is cape and fangs. (Go to the Dollar Tree.) Dress your child in black and whiten his face with powder.
Witch-black again with the dollar hat you bought at the Dollar Tree. She could carry a stuffed cat if she wanted too.
Grandparents- kids dressed as their grandparents can be cute. Glasses with the lenses out, a cane, and a pocket book are nice accessories. Usually they can get these from their own grandparents.
Appliances- a large box with arm holes and head hole cut out of it can transform your child into anything from a washing machine to an I-phone with a little paint or markers.
Robin Hood or Peter Pan-Cut bottom hem of a large green T-shirt in a zigzag pattern, pair with green or brown tights, leggings or sweat pants tucked into boots.  A feather hat or quiver of arrows can be purchased at the Dollar Tree too.
Men in Black character-dress in a black suit or all black and wear dark sunglasses. (Only put the sunglasses on at the door for safety.)
Thrift stores are great places to get costumes too.  Costumes can be recycled through families. Several children wore the tiger costume my sister painstakingly made. Costumes from plays can be re-used again.
Here are more places to search for ideas.
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5.       Pinterest-this is the DIY Costume landing page.

Don’t stress too much over this. Remember the purpose is to have fun.

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  1. Aww thanks for sharing these homemade halloween costumes ideas. They totally rock! and that dog looks so cute :)