Sunday, February 3, 2013

Valentines Values


This year Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday. This won’t stop millions of people heading out for a romantic dinner. I am sure many of you are going to do just that. The problem with this besides reservations being hard to get, and waits up to two and half hours along, is the service won’t be great. That wonderful dinner you hoped to experience might turn into a whinefest about the dinner itself. It might be time to rethink this plan.

1.       Possible dinner at home with candles and china.

2.       Dinner out on a different day other than Valentine’s  Day.

So why not roses, most florists hope you’ll think roses. Some florists sell the sought after bouquet for $99. Pro-flowers advertises their roses for 19.99, but it will end up being more like $38 once all the additional charges are added on. Sometimes the flowers don’t make it to the intended party on Valentine’s.

*If you send them to your sweetie’s work, she may be gone by the time they are delivered.

* Drivers do not wait until someone opens the doors and often leave the roses on the doorstep,  to freeze at this time of year. I never go through my front door, as do many other people, so I wouldn’t see flowers if they were there.

*You are better off delivering your own flowers. Consider Krogers floral department for fast and easy.

 How about something different? Something that is pertinent to your sweetie? Maybe he’s a Nascar fan, and would like a t-shirt reflecting his favorite driver. It doesn’t have to be anything big or expensive. It just has to reflect your feelings. Guys usually refuse to wear anything with hearts on it or mushy sentiments. Don’t buy it if your feelings will be hurt if he won’t wear it.

Inexpensive Ways to Say I Love You

1.       Smilebox card including your photos together.

2.       A special dinner made by you

3.       Candy, cookies, or other goodies made by you.

4.       A framed picture of the two of you.

5.       A framed memory box of tickets, receipt, photos of a special event.

6.       A poem or song written especially for your beloved.

7.       A coffee basket-two cups, specialty coffee, and flavored creamer, and biscotti

The basket idea can be adjusted to whatever is your beloved’s favorite items.

8.       A coupon book with coupons ranging from a car wash to a back rub, or even a kid free day.

9.       There’s always breakfast in bed.

10.   If your sweetie is a reader, a day spent in Half Price Books or other book store might thrill her. A gift card to the store would work too.

11.   Something really special. Name a star after him. You will get a certificate and photo of your star’s location.

All most people want is just to know you remembered, and if given the chance they’d do it all over again. Don’t get anxious and overthink it, just let your sweetie know how you feel.

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