Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Unexpected Values

Every now and then, we discover items that do the job of a more expensive item at half the price or less. My first example of this is the Catalina swimsuit collection at Wal-Mart. Yes, I did say Wal-Mart. Catalina is proven swimsuit brand. Their suits don’t get wet and become transparent as some cheap brands do. It also keeps its shape. Currently, there are retro styles that allow you to be stylish while covering the parts you’d like not to share with the public. There are suits that feature secret slimmer panels too in a variety of sizes. I bought two pieces for a tankini for $25.  Since we are in the middle of summer, the suits might be even less.
The second cost saver is a product that does two jobs, make that three at once. Dove Go Fresh body wash with nutrium serves as body wash and lotion. A little bit does the trick, especially if you have soft water. Lather up your legs and use it has shaving cream. A typical 24-ounce bottle can run between five and seven dollars. Consider the fact you are using one product instead of three, which is a savings of almost four to six dollars. Dove is also very generous with coupons too. I can usually find at least a dollar coupon for this product.
My last product is probably the best buy. Ever create a free website? It’s all fun and games in the beginning until you need help. You fill out tickets for help that never comes. Sometimes the help ‘answer’ you get is no help due to it not making any sense. It may have undergone three translations before it even reached you. A few friends of mine bragged about how easy Weebly was to use, so I was game to try. I downloaded it and started designing away.
As fate would have it, I experienced a power failure or an unexpected shutdown while working on the website. Normally that would result in everything I had done up to that point disappearing. Weebly automatically saves everything.  In the last week, I came across a couple things I didn’t understand how to do. I contacted help and within twenty-four hours, I had easy to understand instructions that fixed my problem.
My last problem was I accidentally deleted my blog page. I totally wiped out the last eight blogs. I filled out an urgent request on this one since I was hosting a tour. Weebly rebuilt my site in less than four hours.  An amazing support staff is behind each Weebly website. They are so much better than the people we actually paid at my old job who never showed up even when expected.
Weebly has a variety of features. You can check out my Weebly site to see a few. www. writerwonderland.weebly.com

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